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Thread: Looking For Clutch Slave Cylinder Hose Series 2A 1971 ?

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    Default Looking For Clutch Slave Cylinder Hose Series 2A 1971 ?

    Anyone know the part number of where to get a hose to the clutch slave cylinder for 1971 series 2A, original left hand drive ? It is 14 inches long and has 7/16 fine thread fittings on both ends. I tried PLF169 it is too short , RTC 3386 has 3/8 fittings mine has 7/16. I know mine is all original, I am the 3rd owner and I know the history from new. Thanks for your help

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    My Nov 1977 LR parts list shows 552057 Hose for LHD vehicles with 1/4" dia. lines ( Pipework), 7/16" fittings would make sense on this . Ones with 3/16" pipe list GBH134 for the hose ,it was superseded by RTC3386, which you have tried . I have no idea of the length . Craddocks in the UK show stock of 552057 , may be worth an email to ask if they would measure it .
    Given my experience over the years its not impossible that PLF169 is incorrectly made to the wrong length!

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    We used to have these in stock but my best parts man will have 2 check if we still have any. Dare britannia, ltd.

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