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    Hi all, my speedo has not worked since I bought my 1975 SIII 109. Finally had some time to take the dash apart and investigate, and I found the cable and speedo are not matched. Basically I have what appears to be a SIII clip-on type cable, but the back of my speedo does not have a machine-notch to accept the plastic clip on the speedo cable - so the cable pulls right off the back of the speedo. I understand the SIII cables use a plastic clip, and the II/IIA cables had a threaded end on the cable. My speedo appears to not be set up to accept either cable type. My speedo is not threaded nor does it have the machined-notch to catch the plastic cable end from sliding off the speedo. Itís a jaeger gauge, SNT - 6209/07AS 880

    I will post pics of everything, and Iím wondering do I have the wrong speedo cable, or the wrong speedo gauge? I took the gauge apart, cleaned everything, found a cracked 20-teeth gear which I plan to replace, but overall the speedo gauge works. Iíve been testing it with a drill and it works fine. The speedo cable also works as Iíve driven around town and watched the cable spin around as I drive.

    Iím hoping I can replace the cable with the correct cable for this speedo. Rather spend $30 on a cable rather than $350 on a new speedo.

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    I have never seen a connection like that. This is the back of a standard S3 fitting. I wonder if yours has actually broken off . Could you make some sort of sleeve to connect the cable or put a split the sleeve on the cable and then attach it with a small hose clamp to grip the existing stub. Just make sure the inner cable puts no end load on the innards of the speedometer I notice yours is a km version
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    that's not a usa guage as the us models have the mph as main display and kph on the 'inside' so your cable with the clip does fit a S3 as I've replaced mine a couple times but the guage assy is different and for some place that has kph road signs!!

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    Thanks for the replies! Yes, I realize itís not a U.S.A. gauge, truck was imported from Africa. Roverp480, I think you are correct - upon closer inspection it appears the back connection has been sheared off - when I look under magnification it looks to have been cut off (see zoomed in pic). I like your idea of a hose clamp - that may hold things in place. I will test run with a hose clamp before putting everything back together. If successful, I have to order a new 20 tooth gear for inside the speedo - $35 shipped for a plastic gear that is smaller than my pinky fingernail! Thanks again.Click image for larger version. 

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    unclear how far it sticks out above the instrument cluster but you'll probably want to cut a piece of rubber to put around it under the clamp before you tighten it up, it you have some overlap and a small but wide clamp then it'll probably hold

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