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Thread: 1983 Santana 88 Gear or Clutch problem?? Novice needs help...

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    Default 1983 Santana 88 Gear or Clutch problem?? Novice needs help...

    Hello All! New to the forum and happy to be here. I recently acquired a 1984 Santana 88, 2.25L diesel w/ overdrive. I have had it for about 3 months and have occasionally driven it here and there without an issue. Just today when about to take it for a little spin, when it started fine but I could not get it to engage any gear except Reverse...and once I got in Reverse, it got stuck in gear.

    I let it sit for a bit after turning off the engine. After about 30 mins, I started it again and was able to disengage Reverse (whew!). It will engage gears when the engine is OFF but once I turn on the engine, no gears will engage. The clutch pedal feels a little "loose", but that could be my imagination....thoughts?

    About me: fairly novice when it comes to self repairs and maintenance, but one of the reasons I bought this vehicle was to try and get more into working on my own car.

    Thank you in advance for any advice or help...

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    First look in the clutch fluid container, if there fluid to the clutch. Sounds like the clutch unit or slave unit is not engaging clutch, (like when you want to shift) have a mate engage the pedal as you look at the slave unit and check the distance it is traveling, just a thought, my 2 P, cheers,

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    Thanks. The fluid in the container (combo with brake fluid) seems at an appropriate level. I'll check the travel distance when I get a chance. Appreciate the advice.

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    Try blocking off the clutch flex hose, if the problem is the master cylinder, there will be pedal movement.
    If the issue is the slave, the pedal should be rock solid, as the fluid has no where to go.
    Les Parker
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